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Grounded energy sessions designed to organize, balance and release your system


Designed with a flexible approach, these versatile sessions are a combination of Reiki, Intuitive clearing and kinesiology. Working closely with the client’s needs, they are designed to be calming, active in their healing capacities and informative. 

It is a chaotic time in the world. Clarity and relaxation are needed to support balance and invite welcome change. Unblocking our energy pathways is one way to do this. 


These sessions would benefit anyone who is in need of balancing, grounding, or clarity. They are also  effective for those who need support during times of physical or emotional pain or anxiety. Clients frequently schedule sessions before and after surgical procedures and find that they assist with recovery period and healing. 



  • Stress reduction

  • Emotional clarity and balancing   

  • Physical support + pre/post surgery support

  • Refocus on your own intuition and guidance

  • Create movement in your energetic system so that you can create shifts

  • Cord breaking



After Heather's amazing Reiki, I instantly felt old feelings of intense sadness and emotional trauma lift away. Being replaced by an overwhelming sense of love and peace. Absolutely an amazing feeling. She has helped me immensely during some very major life changes. I have also started taking my 17 and 3yr old dogs to her and the difference was very noticeable. 

- Tracey, Los Angeles

"Heather accelerated the final stages of healing from a traumatic brain injury and launched me full-speed into beginning a new life. She knew where all the broken places were in my mind and body - from childhood to the present and healed each wound carefully, with sensitivity and focus. I felt relief, clear, healed and whole. I've since taken Heather's Energy Healing Workshop, her Reiki 1&2 Training, and her Doggie Workshop. I'm a thousand times better + stronger than before my TMI and am beyond grateful to have met Heather at exactly the right time in my life. How did I get so lucky..." 

- Jackie Hirtz, Los Angeles

"The workshop was a lovely balance of learning the history of Reiki and having Heather's guidance during practice sessions. Heather creates an environment that allows us to feel safe in exploring new techniques. I loved the workshop!"

- Nicole, Los Angeles

I go to Heather every couple of weeks for maintenance. I rely on her treatments to get me through my week! Fast and effective, grounding and supportive,  I feel very grateful to have Heather in my corner.

- Philip, Los Angeles

My sessions with Heather are very healing and nurturing. She makes sure to have a cozy, safe space for you to relax, connect and release. After a session I feel vibrant and clear! 

- Amy, Los Angeles


I have recently had a series of surgical procedures. I call on Heather for sessions before and after each one. The sessions help me feel connected and feeling safe. She is fantastic!

- Barbara, Los Angeles

Heather’s treatments are magical and truly healing.  I feel safe and cared for when I am with her.  She has helped me manage physical pain from a chronic illness, grief after the loss of a loved one and anxiety from past trauma.  I leave her treatments feeling clear, peaceful and grounded.  To be able to tune into a person’s spirit and energy takes a very special person and Heather is that and more.  I trust her completely and feel so grateful to have her in my life.

- Ashton, Los Angeles

‘Heather’s kindness, knowledge, and intuition made this workshop a life changing experience.'' (Reiki1+2 workshop) 

- John, Los Angeles

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