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When : May 18th & 25th

Time : 10-3pm


Price $350


Where: 3730 Stewart Ave, Los Angeles CA 90066


This is an extensive look into the ways I have been remotely clearing space for the last 12 years. You will walk away with my personal check lists and techniques. Bring some addresses that you wish to clear and learn pendulum work.

The workshop will be followed up by another group or individual session aimed at answering questions and practice sessions.


Learn how to:


-Set up your personal space for work and the questions you need to ask client if you are working for others.

-Grounding techniques for yourself and the space you are clearing.

-Extensive Pendulum and muscle test training

-Understand the difference between the energies you may encounter

-Asking for support from specific guides and angelic help

-Work alongside my personal check items of things to clear and test for

-Learn techniques such as grid work and the many ways to draw energy out

-Protection skills while working

-My personal schedule for clearing


I will ask that the student begin to work with a pendulum before the class begins and also to bring addresses of places that you are interested in clearing. Please note that you MUST have permission from the owner or renter of the space before clearing if it is not your personal space.

Please reach out to save a spot !





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