Dr. Anthony George (Animal Acupuncturist & Vet)


I am a huge fan of acupuncture for animals. I have witnessed the work that Dr. George has done with a few client’s animals and see the difference plus the owners rave about Dr. George as a person. He makes house calls and works around Santa Monica.

Dr. Audra MacCorkle (Animal Acupuncturist)


Whenever I work on my client’s dog ‘Lucky’, I get to witness the wonderful work this acupuncturist does on her system. This is really Lucky’s recommendation but as an observer I would say if your pet needs acupuncture then book today with Dr. MacCorkle.


Smile Specialist Dog Teeth Cleaning


This Dog Teeth Cleaning center comes highly recommended. If you don’t want to put your animal to sleep during procedure check out this very attentive company.


Dr. Amy Stillwell Graiff & Brad Graiff


Vets that make house calls to euthanize your sweet animals at home. I saw Brads care while he gently put a friend’s cat down. He is kind, patient, informative and someone you would want to call on.


Dr. Madeleine Graham (Veterinarian)


Comes highly recommended as a vet that makes house calls to euthanize your animals so they can stay in their home environment during transitions. 

I like to donate to: 

A Purposeful Rescue 

Home Dog L.A.

Stray Cat Alliance

The Gentle Barn:



Eileen Batura  (Body Worker)


I’ve been a client of Eileen’s for the last 9 years and would highly recommend her work. She's a unique body worker that also assists with trauma recovery. Healing and Therapeutic. Eileen is a great teacher who has deepened my connection to body wisdom. It is really transformative to work with her and I give her so much credit in supporting me while safely allowing shifts for my body, heart and external world. 


Sarah Mata (Yoga teacher)


Sarah has helped support me through some physical issues with back and wrist through her healing yoga practice. An extraordinary teacher. My yoga practice has grown since starting her classes but more than this, my internal healing, pace, self-healing abilities and self listening skills have also shifted with the help of her classes. Her class is set in an oasis as well. CANNOT say enough about this amazing woman and teacher.


Victoria Montgomery (Lymphatic Tissue Cleansing & Sculpting)



A talented, healing practitioner to assist you in increasing lymph circulation so that it’s no longer trapped. Reduce cellulite and lose inches. Victoria is simply a gem. My body feels transformed and released when I work with her and her facials are a dream. Don’t miss out on what this woman can do for your body and heart.


Dr. Armm (Acupuncturist)


Intuitive, gentle and incredibly supportive, Dr. Armm is the sort of acupuncturist you want to keep at the top of your speed dial for healing support.  I feel so grateful to have discovered him 6yrs ago.


Rita Earl (Photographer)

If you are ever in need of (you will be) some great shots of you and your animals, then check out this kick ass woman who is also an amazing Rescue advocate. She also took almost all the photos on this website ! Super fun and talented. Animals and humans both adore.

Ashton Allen (Artist & Creative Consultant)

Los Angeles artist and multi talented, multitasker, Rock Star of a woman!  She will help design your website, curate your art show or inspire you artistically. Check her out!

LilySpindle (Interior Designers)

Rebecca Cox & Debra Vigna’s designing company can put any of your home design questions at ease. Whether you have a corner that needs upgrading or a whole house that requires a re-do then call on these two. Easy going but uniquely talented at homing in on who the client is, this design duo makes the ‘elite’ world of home decorating available to all in a relaxed, fun manner! And they love, love, love dogs!


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