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For disturbances or imbalances in the home, office or land, I incorporate master Reiki symbols and other clearing techniques to my Space Sessions. When spaces are balanced you generally come across better sleep patterns, more energy, clearer intuition, greater clarity and harmony. This work is transformative for both house and owner.    



•Energetically ‘organize’ environments in order to have energy run more smoothly. After a death, divorce, phase of intense unhappiness in relationship or general stress, a clearing can help to eliminate energies that linger in the air, add stagnation and impeded new energy or changes occurring.

•'Cleanse’ the space of external energy fields that may be affecting the area in disturbing ways. I believe that spaces can hang on to the imprints of past tenants and hold entities and other energies. The clearing eliminates what’s no longer needed and allows the owner of the house to work with and understand energy clearing techniques for their spaces. 


The Space clearing session is very appropriate for houses that cannot sell. I work closely with estate agents and owners to clear houses that are having trouble selling. The communications skills used very often allow the right information to come through in order to understand what needs to be cleared. The New Home Ceremony is a Space session followed by a blessing for the house with the new owners and family members. Often I will be called in to bless a new babies room and this allows the house to welcome baby in with clarity !




  • Better Sleep patterns

  • Selling house results

  • In depth awareness of energy and tools to clear

  • Harmony & Peace 

  • Energy Increase 

  • Greater clarity

  • Welcome changes 

  • Clearer intuition


All I can say is WOW. Heather is incredible, and so gifted. We had a lot of activity going on, and it got very hairy during the clearing. We had some entities that just didn't want to go and made themselves a nuisance. Such as, knocking over heavy furniture, relocating large pieces of art, rattling then opening doors. Heather had her work cut out for her. We couldn't be more grateful for her help, we feel like she gave us our house back. We can finally live here, and actually enjoy it. It's lighter, brighter, cleaner. warmer and finally no more poltergist activity.

-Jennifer, Costa Mesa, CA 

Heather came to my home to do an energy clearing. The house is a 200 year old structure with a lot of history, past and present. The experience could not have been more amazing! Heather's cheerful and calming nature were immediately apparent. She is not only extremely gifted, but also highly sensitive to her clients and the vulnerability involved in opening up one’s private space. She was incredibly accurate in her feedback, very helpful in her suggestions and extremely generous with her time. It was an exciting experience to watch her work, and my home today has a notably lighter and happier energy! Thank you Heather!

-Geraldine, New York

Heather was highly recommended to me for a clearing on my house. She came in, quickly assessed where the energy needed clearing, and was informative about how I could maintain the space. I felt less stagnation and more vibrancy after the session. I will book again for sure. 

-Stacy, New York

My experience as an estate agent has proven to me that the “historic” energy of the space or House must be considered to have a potential effect on the sale or purchase of property. There is definitely a positive effect on houses that have been cleared. People seem to relate easier to the house, move through the space without avoiding rooms. There is generally more positive feedback and enjoyment during open houses and sales go through with more ease. I have had the opportunity to work with Heather on a number of "historic' homes. I believe in her work and highly recommend her!


-David Cox, Estate agent covering Manhattan and Long Island, NY





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