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​The Animal Sessions were created to help address your animal’s pain, fears, depression or trauma while also giving the owner simple, effective techniques and tools to assist their animal. These techniques may include how to tune into your animals energy system, useful hand positions for healing techniques or tips to help your animal’s meridians flow more effectively. Animals generally react very positively to energy work. I integrate Kinesiology techniques, Reiki, Energy work, animal communication and muscle testing into the sessions.  


I also offer support during times of transitions for your animal. Usually the bond and the communication with animal deepens during this time. Having animal sessions leading up to transitions can be helpful in offering space to communicate with your animal while Reiki is practiced to add support. Am also happy to add support in person when the time comes to say goodbye.  



  • Deeper Communication with animal

  • Pain Relief
  • Understanding and alleviation of Trauma 

  • Clarity on emotional/physical issues

  • Balance & Wellbeing

  • Assisting animals and owners with Transitions



We asked Heather to work with our two dogs, one of which was a recent rescue and carrying a lot of baggage; the other a wound-up terrier who was not so happy about the recent rescue and our recent baby.  We have had four sessions with her and the results have been remarkable.  While it is obvious that she is very much in tune to the animals' needs, what has been most helpful is that she has been able to help us understand, communicate and tune in to Amos and Izzy.  We also learned more about how the dogs communicate with us.  She is generous with her time and follows up with us to give us tips and advice.  My wife and I want her start working on us next!

-Chris & Elizabeth (Izzy and Amos)


I've never seen such healing magical connectivity between a human and an animal! Heather is truly gifted, an extraordinary, magnificent human, and all my animals absolutely ADORE her. It's like a visit from Snow White every time she drops in - they flock to her and climb all over her like she's the best friend they've always had.

-Rebecca Cox (Donut, Fred, Greta, Lucy & Bright, the cat)

Heather has a unique and special gift that allows her to get to the Heart and Soul of the animal she works with! The information Heather gave me made a big difference in how I approached my Lhasa Apso's daily routine. She did it in a loving, healing manor. I definitely recommend Heather for any aliment, physical or mental, for any of your animals. Your beloved pets will be in Gentle, Gifted Hands!

-Shelley  (Stazi T)


I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to Heather.  She tunes into the animals like nothing I have seen before and connected with our older dog immediately.  Our 9 year old French bulldog suffers from a range of issues, in particular aging hips and lower back stiffness.  She has been working with us to help manage Lucky’s arthritis with her healing reiki sessions and additionally by opening the doors to a deeper communication between us and our dogs.  Heather brings us into the process and leaves us with the tools we need to continue to heal in between sessions.


-Emily & Kirsten (Lucky & Echo)


My cat Riley had a history of aggressive behavior and depression and Heather helped handle it with compassion and knowledge. She not only helped Riley with her personal hands on approach, but she helped give me the tools to be an even more attentive cat owner.


Jolene  (Riley)


I am the owner of two Rottweilers and a pit bull. I asked Heather to help with my oldest Rottweiler after she had developed anxiety and aggression after being attacked by another dog. I was also trying to integrate my pit bull into our family at the same time. Heather came to the rescue! I’m so grateful for all her help, compassion, patience and advice. I was able to notice a difference after the first session! Thank you Heather! You’re like an angel to us!

-Dayane  (Rottweilers Xica & Maya & Pittbull Hercules)


My dog had intestinal surgery. He wouldn't eat after and had very low energy. The recovery was very difficult. After two sessions he was eating and playing and he had a lot of energy. Thank you so much Heather!

-Tanya (Prince, a Chihuahua mix, age 13)

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