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I believe that animal owners can learn simple but effective techniques to improve the wellbeing of their animal. My aim is to make the information I have learnt as accessible as possible thus empowering owner and animal.

The Animal Sessions were created to help relieve your animal’s trauma, pain or depression, generally balance your animals’ energy and allow some insight into behavioral issues. The Animal Session were also built to assist the owner in learning new ways to connect with and support their animal. I Integrate Kinesiology, Reiki, Energy Work and Animal Communication so that health, balance and clearer communication with your animal can begin to emerge. 


The first session helps to address the owners’ concerns for their animal and the physical, emotional needs of the animal. It is a very collaborative session with the owner also learning new hand positions, what moving energy feels like and meridian exercises to assist their animal at home. Tools and information are given to help everyone through the initial shifts of the work and support beyond the session.  

The follow up sessions continue to work with the learning curve and healing momentum created in the first session. The Reiki is read as a new language for the animal and each session allows the animals to intuitively take in more healing energy. Together with the owner, we will be able to understand the pace that the animal heals, relaxes and communicates. 

Much of my work is also focused on offering support during times of transitions for your animal. Communication is key for both owner and animal during these times and the Reiki is a perfect healing modality to help move through trauma of loss. I am available for sessions leading up to transitions and, depending on time, am happy to add support in person when the time comes to say goodbye.

Benefits include:


  • Pain relief 

  • Deeper Communication with animal

  • Understanding and alleviation of Trauma 

  • Clarity on emotional/physical issues

  • Balance & Wellbeing

  • Assisting animals and owners with Transitions

As far as what to expect after a session, there is no one way!


Sometimes you can expect extra energy, sometimes extra sleep. Perhaps there will be a short loss of appetite, sometimes they are ravenous after the work.   


Collaborative, energetic sessions designed to organize, balance and release


Designed with a flexible approach, these versatile sessions are a combination of Reiki, Intuitive clearing and kinesiology. Working closely with the client’s needs, they are designed to be calming, active in their healing capacities and informative. 


These sessions would benefit anyone who is in search of retrieving some well-being, grounding, or clarity. They are also very effective for those who need physical support during times of pain or anxiety. Pre and Post surgical procedure has become a standard for clients.


Benefits include:


  • Stress reduction

  • Emotional clarity and balancing   

  • Physical support + pre/post surgery support

  • Refocus on your own intuition and guidance

  • Create movement in your energetic system so that you can create shifts

  • Cord breaking




Reiki is a very gentle Japanese ‘hands-on’ technique that promotes healing and realigns energy. It is a natural healing process that is now being recognized as an effective disease and wellness treatment for animals and people. Many veterinarians use Reiki as a support in addition to conventional veterinary medicine. Reiki combines the Japanese and Chinese words "rei" meaning spirit and "Ki" meaning vital energy. It is based on the belief that vital energy can be channeled to support the body's natural ability to heal. 

 The People Sessions take place in Santa Monica



For disturbances or imbalances in the Home, office or land, Heather incorporates all her listening skills, healing and clearing techniques to her Space Sessions, believing that spaces need as much compassion and care in healing as one's internal system.


When spaces are balanced you generally come across better sleep patterns, more energy, clearer intuition, greater clarity, harmony and changes. In short clearing environmental spaces is about energetic transformations for spaces & humans.


Heather can be called to work on spaces for a couple of reasons:


  • To energetically ‘organize’ environments in order to have energy run more smoothly.


  • To ‘cleanse’ the space of external energy fields that may be affecting the area in disturbing ways.


In the case of ‘Cleansing’ spaces, Heather works closely with the owners and asks for two visit minimum. The First visit usually requires 1.5-2hrs depending on size.



The Space clearing session is very appropriate for houses that cannot sell. The process is the same as the regular session with an added 'intention' ceremony with the current owners. The New Home Ceremony is a Space session followed by a blessing for the house with the new owners and family members. 


60 min session $125


A 60 min follow up session is recommended

Monthly check-in offered at discounted rate

Sessions take place in animals homes. Can also be called onto location if animal is traveling

Extra fees may apply for travel


24hr cancellation policy



60 min session: $125


Travel fees may apply 


Intuitive Check-in-Sessions:

30min on Facetime or Skype followed by 30 min remote Reiki: $60


Voyager Card Reading:

30min session: $50, 60min session: $70


24hr cancellation policy



Space Rates vary according to size of space and services needed. Please email or phone for price quote. 

Travel fees may apply


24 hr cancellation policy



Packages and gift certificates available upon request

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