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Energetically sensitive animals & spooky spaces.

A new client called me over to her house recently because her dog, Bailey, was avoiding certain areas of the house and would rarely walk through the kitchen area. When she occasionally did, she was skittish and uncomfortable.

My first visit was very much hands on with Bailey, but I quickly became aware that the energy in the house was somehow ‘off’ and that her dog was one of those gifted animals that have a heightened sense of energy. I tried to take Bailey through the kitchen and saw her literally jump out of skin in a certain corner. “That’s where it always happens” Bailey’s mum said.

Now, not all animals are energetically sensitive and thank goodness! Can you imagine if all humans were?! But for the owners who do have sensitive animals, it’s important to pay attention to areas of the home, garden, park or neighborhood that they just simply have trouble tolerating. Many times I hear from the owner “Well, my dog is just neurotic” or “She needs to learn to get over it” but sometimes you are dealing with more than a behavioral issue.

In the case of this client, the corner of the kitchen where the Bailey ate her food was very energetically toxic. The owner was able to tune in and explore her own gifts of heightened sensitivity. “We have to go underneath the kitchen!” she said; “Let’s go” I agreed. The kitchen led us to clearing the basement, which included two large rooms and corridor that were holding unfriendly activity and some deep sadness. Bringing out my trusted tools at this point – the quartz crystal tuning forks, pendulum, Palo Santo, and Scissoring allowed us to break some of the stagnation and unease. Bailey’s mum got to gain confidence in her ability to trust what she was picking up on and then release it. Important to note, Bailey decided to stay upstairs at this point and not participate in the clearing, but the cats were very involved and curious about every shift that occurred.

If you are interested in clearing your space at home, it can be difficult to test the cause of stagnation, negativity or entity interplay, without the help of a pendulum or light rods/dowsing rods. You might never know what caused the issue, but you don’t have to know in order to clear space. The land before the house was built could have had trauma, previous home owners energy could be still influencing, one might be dealing with an unresolved death in the house or even the energy of the people that built the home could play a part.

The longer I clear space, the more I understand, that the narrative rarely matters as much as the grounded intent to clear.

The moral of the story is, don’t jump to the conclusion that your animal is just nervous. Take some time to see if you can feel energy shifts in your home especially in the areas where your animal has trouble in. If you bump into energy that is very dense and stagnate, then breathe, cross your arms in front of each other as if you are scissoring the space and begin to break up energy yourself!

It may take time for your animal to relax in areas of the house that have caused them stress, but they will eventually understand it is safe to walk freely through their home!

Before you start, it’s very important to ground yourself before doing any clearing work. Feel your feet, take some deep breaths, connect to the safety of the earth and then begin. Always take breaths, and step away from space occasionally…. and keep laughing, it’s only energy 😊

TOOLS that can help:

1. Get yourself a quartz crystal tuner or Angel tuners. is a great resource for vibrational sound tools.

2. Burn some Sage or Palo Santo

3. Open other doors and windows for energetic exit routes

4. Clapping (especially in corners of rooms) if you have no other tools

5. Explore learning to balance energy with a pendulum

6. Play music

7. Scissor the space

8. Place some Obsidian in your pockets for added help

9. Relax your jaw (energy work can be tense!) and make some sounds.

AND AFTERWARDS.. Always remember to clear yourself after a clearing. This may include showering, rinsing your arms in water from the elbow down and scissoring yourself with the affirmation “I disconnect from anything that doesn’t belong to me and I send it to it’s right domain.”

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