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Animal Meridians & Great Teachers

Today we are going to nerd out on your animal's Meridians..

I'm just back from an amazing three day workshop practicing Kinesiology with animals in Phoenix with the wonderful, electric Madison King. The workshop was hosted by Donna Eden c/o Please check this pioneering women's work on the energy system. Donna's work changed my relationship to understanding energy and she continues to inspire and transform and Madison was my first energy teacher! who I met 22yrs ago. She continues to be a cornerstone of support and guidance and fun.

Favourite teachers, kinesiology, animals and warm desert air - what a package!

Maddie teaching an animal owner how to muscle test the meridians using a surrogate

What are the Meridians?

Think of them as the electrical system of the body. Donna Eden describes them as the "energy transportation system that may sometimes get it's lines crossed." The aim is to keep the flow moving along the meridians so the blockages of energy caused by stress does not impact the various organs.

Don't be afraid of the Meridians ! they are simply pathways of energy through the body. Keep them open and full of Qi with your hands while tracing the lines of the meridians and vitality, energy, health and balance is more easily attained for both you and your animal. Learn a LITTLE information on them or study A LOT, either way you will be helping your animal.

Here are 3 pointers to get you started...

1. The simplest Meridians to start exploring on your animals are the Central and Governing. Simply trace with your fingertips in the line of the direction on the pictures below. Simple !

(diagram c/o innersource and Madisonking)

The Central Meridian starts near anus and runs straight up body to lower lip. It helps your animal feel more secure generally. The Governing Meridian - also starts near the anus and runs all the way up the centre of the back, over the head and ends at upper lip. This helps the spine and as Madison says "Generally uplifting and gives 'courage' and backbone to a fearful pet."

2. When in doubt a simple figure 8 in the field ( above body) or direct on the body is a great balancer. I use it on any animal client in times or stress OR relaxation and I often figure 8 myself at the same time. You can figure 8 anywhere on the body. Intuitively let your hands guide you to an area on your pet and 8 away!!

(diagram c/o innersource and Madisonking)

3.Spinal Flush any animal - or the 'field' ( off the body) if animal is in pain. Hint for the day, try using a piece of flat, round, smooth Selenite while you flush the spine !!! Start at neck and work your way down either side of spine to the base of spine and then off the body. Second time around make it a smooth flush motion.

4.Explore more .. Two great books available on amazon by Madison are below. Comprehensive, fun and great presents this holiday season for your animal lovers ! I reference mine all the time and all profits from the cat book go to Caroline Cares animal rescue.

Enjoy the Meridians, the learning, your animals and your hands!

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