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Earth Mats & Copper Rings

This summer I’ve seen a lot of unwell animals, including these amazing sick kitties, and I came across a couple of resources for you and your animals that I’ve been incorporating into my work with great success… fyi, these kitties are now well enough to be looking for homes, so if interested reach out and I’ll get you connected!

First are these amazing high frequency copper rings from from Brian Besco.

“The Balance and Harmony Ring cleanses distortion fields from around the body very quickly. Lower vibrations change fast into whatever they need to be or they just evaporate.”

I invested in the Medium Masters set which comprises of two rings but you can purchase the Harmony ring on it’s own.

I’ve used them consistently on animals unless they tell me not to - remember to always take note of what the animal is drawn to! I find that they clear stuck energy very quickly and I use the larger of the rings all the time on myself - in fact, I have it on now!

Brian’s website is choke full of information and he just told me he is coming out with a horse Harmony Ring soon!

The Second resource are the AMAZING vibrational earth mats from

“With over 20 Real Gems, over 40 Essential Oils, Flower Essence, minerals, amplifying liquid crystal, 1000's of Spheres of pressure activated CLEAR QUARTZ and BLACK TOURMALINE (producing over a million rays of piezo energy per second) NOW with SELENITE ADDED”

I use the small size mats for EVERYTHING - I place directly onto animals when unwell or under their beds and I use them personally too…My driving anxiety has been helped no end by sitting on this mat. They are pricey so look out for the special 4for1 sales !!

The website is a pantheon of products and info so curl up on your sofa with a cup of tea and enjoy! The insoles are next on my list….

Hope you enjoy and let me know how you get on!

Heather xo

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